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Frequently asked questions

I hear Mahjong is very hard to learn. Is that true?

Mahjong is a thinking game, but it's not hard to learn. Some people are able to play on their own (with no instructor) after only a few lessons. Others might need a little more support for a short time. Of course, as with all new skills or games, it's only with practice and repeated play that players improve. With time, players learn strategies and develop their own preferences for playing.

Should I really commit to a full 4-week course in order to learn?

It takes most people at least a few lessons to learn the basic rules and get comfortable playing. Our lessons run for 4 consecutive weeks to give students time to get over any initial confusion and to have a number of games played 'under their belt' before playing without the support of instructors.

Can anyone play?

People of all ages can learn to play Mahjong. In fact, lots of research has shown that challenging games of strategy help keep our minds agile. On the other end of the spectrum children as young as 5 play Mahjong!

What do I need to buy?

To play most version of Mahjong, you need nothing to play as long as there's a Mahjong set for every table. To play American or Israeli Mahjong one needs a Mahjong Playing Card in addtion to a Mahjong set. You can purchase Mahjong Playing Cards on in the Mahjong IL shop.

Where can I find an instructor and lessons?

We are still growing and are always looking for new opportunities to teach, host games, and run events. Contact us directly for a teacher near you. Or register for online lessons. If we are not in your area, please contact us. We'll do our best to service your area as soon as possible! LetsPlay@Mahjong-IL.com